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Can I apply if I graduate in Spring 2016?
Yes. You can be a part of staff if your date of graduation is June 2016. Just remember that you must be able to attend every training day during Spring Quarter 2016.

Do I have to live on campus all summer?
Yes, as a Gold member you must live in the residence hall all summer from June 23 - September 12, 2016. You will move out by September 12.

Can I miss working any Orientation Sessions?
No, as an NSA - Gold you must be able to work every Orientation session during the summer. You will get a more detailed calendar during the interviews. Most weekends - both Saturday and Sunday - are off. There are 2 sessions, however, that begin on a Sunday, in which case you will have the preceding Saturday off.

If you are unable to work full-time for every Orientation session, you may want to consider applying for the NSA - Blue position. The Blue position has more flexibility with scheduling.

Can I miss any of training?
No, you may not miss any training days, whether they are during Spring Quarter or the summer. Think of training as another class - you cannot schedule another class that overlaps with training, even by 10 minutes.

I'm not the NSA - Gold "type"...
There is no "type" if you want to be a New Student Advisor. You do not need to have extensive counseling experience, be heavily involved in campus, or "bleed blue and gold". Past NSAs have possessed a range of experiences and personalities, and come from a diverse range of backgrounds. For some Golds, this was their first job. The most important thing about being an NSA is the passion you demonstrate to make a difference for new UCLA students.

I've never had a job before. Will that count against me?
No. Your application will be based primarily on your responses to the essays, and your interview will be the primary focus for your hiring.

What are my chances of getting hired?
There is no formula for being guaranteed a position as a Gold member. Many factors are taken into consideration, and your essay and your interview are very important. The final staff selection will be a reflection of the interview performances as well as an attention to keeping the staff academically diverse. The Gold staff will reflect the incoming first year class in academic distribution in order to advise students within the area of your major. You will not be hired, for example, to counsel majors in the School of the Arts and Architecture if you are a science major in the College or HSSEAS.

I'm interested in getting a summer internship or taking summer school. Can I do this?
No. As a Gold member, there is no time for other commitments. If you want to take summer school, do research, or work at an internship, consider the Blue position.

Engineering students: if you are an engineering major and you are exploring internship opportunities, you may want to consider applying for both the Gold and Blue positions since you will not know about your final internship offers until after the Gold process has begun.

Can I take time off during the summer?
A limited number of flexible positions may be available which would allow you to either miss a week or leave the program early (eg. a family vacation or starting a graduate program or EAP). To be considered for these positions, you must indicate these possible commitments on your application under the GOLD APPLICANTS. All other applicants will be hired to work all student sessions.

How much work is involved?
Working on the New Student & Transition Programs staff requires dedication. The NSA - Gold position has long hours, working early mornings and late evenings on some days. The training during Spring Quarter and the summer is extensive, but it's designed so that you are prepared for all the counseling situations that you will be exposed to during the sessions. You will be counseling students one-on-one, facilitating group discussions, and giving presentations, and you will need to have a solid knowledge of all the academic rules and regulations at the University, as well as a strong foundation of all the UCLA student services.

What are the benefits of being an NSA - Gold?
There are many benefits of being a New Student Advisor that go beyond the salary and the lodging!

As an NSA - Gold:

New Student Advisor Application
- Please note: You will be able to type your answers directly onto the application. Once you're done please print it out and drop your application off at our office. If you apply for Blue and Gold positions, please print one application for each position.